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Set the tone

Our mission is to support all artists and labels in their communities to promote their creative and cultural characteristics, in their local markets first, and among the largest audience possible. This is how we set the tone.

Set the Beat

Being a Believer means to be a game-changer disrupting the traditional music industry

With innovation in our DNA, we strive to imagine the future of that industry, and innovate to develop cutting-edge technology on the market. We are contributing to the rise of independent artists and labels for a respectful, diverse, fair, and transparent future for them.




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Rock the Job

Axel Prunier
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Axel Prunier

Head of Retail Market Intelligence

Because our mission is to deliver the best quality of service and solutions to our clients, we make sure to offer that same quality to all our collaborators.
Working at Believe is an opportunity to learn new skills from day one and challenge your knowledge every day.
As we believe in your continuous development, we invest in your growth to make you an expert in your field through a wide range of tailored learning programs, skill management opportunities, etc.
And we make sure you remain an expert in a fast-changing industry, because the success of our employees is as important as the success of our artists.

I joined Believe in April 2019 as a Support Specialist Russia. And already in July 2019 I had my first team of 2 people, and we started to work not only with Russian, but also with clients from Eastern Europe. The first year was not an easy one for me: a new position, new tasks and new responsibilities. But at the same time it was very interesting and inspiring!  

In 2022, I became the Customer Care team leader for Africa, MENA, Turkey, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Now I have 10 great team members and each of them is highly involved in all work processes. We have ambitious plans for the coming few years, not only to achieve the main objectives, but also to increase our expertise in certain aspects.

For me Believe is not just a job, it is an opportunity to develop and grow! The most important is to truly love what you do, to invest your time and energy in your development, and always move forward.


Marina Vaschetto

Support Specialist, Russia


Marina Vaschetto

Customer Care Team Leader for Africa, MENA, Turkey, Russia and Eastern Europe

Sing in harmony

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Transparency, fairness, respect, and expertise are the driving forces we work with in our daily jobs.

We need teams that truly reflect the diversity of our clients: with 1400+ employees in 50+ countries, our international presence is an inspiring and enriching work environment for each one of us, with daily opportunities to connect with our colleagues all over the world.

We are passionate about music and there’s always an opportunity to celebrate and share this passion together.

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Since its creation, Believe has based its decisions and actions on these four core values that guide everyone’s behavior. These values empower our employees, generating trust for them all the while being a source of efficiency, openness and proximity.

We Believe in our coworkers

Own the Stage

Working at Believe means to have individual and collective impact. At all stages of their careers, Believers are an important part of what we are doing: shaping the future of the music industry.

Technology is inextricably linked to Believe’s mission: it supports the creativity and development of employees and enables the development of their skills in a highly digitalized music industry. We also ensure that technology contributes to fostering and disseminating creativity as much as possible, without ever attempting to replace it.

Product Teams

Product improvement and development

Artists and labels are at the heart of everything the Product teams do. From ideation to discovery to delivery, they leverage the best from design and technology to build products customers love.

Operations/Supply Chain Teams

Release optimisation & validation

Managing over 350 million tracks each month via Backstage, the Ops/Supply Chain teams are responsible for adapting the content to all the platforms. They also ensure that the content follows the rules privy to each platform before approving its delivery for distribution.

Label Management teams

Creation of a release strategy

From the Artist Services side to the Label & Artist Solutions side, our Sales teams support artists and labels to the best of their abilities with respect, fairness and transparency. Putting in their passion and expertise, their goal is to achieve success for each release in their portfolio.

Editorial & Marketing Partnerships Teams

Promotion on streaming platforms

The Editorial & Marketing Partnerships teams ensure that the content is distributed and promoted to the streaming platforms and find suitable promotional solutions.

Data Teams

Collection and data analysis

Our Data teams collect and process all the artists and labels data coming from all platforms, then make the analysis available on Backstage through detailed and comprehensive dashboards.

Customer Finance Teams

Calculation and payment of royalties

Our Customer Finance teams take care of calculating the revenue generated by releases as well as processing to the payment of royalties to artists and labels. Backstage users can see their balance, access financial reports and request payments, all-in-one through the solution.

Customer Care Teams

Train & support our customers

The Customer Care teams’ mission is to contribute to the success of our artists and labels, by providing timely, transparent, and qualitative answers and solutions to every question or issue.



Product Manager

If you were a song?

Peu de gens le savent – Oxmo Puccino

 If you were an instrument?


What is your favorite music genre?


Being able to create amazing tools and therefore improve the musical industry represents the best opportunity to combine work and passion!


Pauline ASTIER

Content Quality Product Manager

If you were a song?

Altes Kamuffel (Vitalic Remix) – Paul Kalkbrenner

 If you were an instrument?

A triangle

What is your favorite music genre?


Knowing that we contribute in the musical daily life of millions of people is incredible.



LAS Label Manager, Canada

If you were a song?

Harmony In My Head  de Buzzcocks

 If you were an instrument?

1977 Fender Stratocaster (Hardtail)

What is your favorite music genre?

Favorite Genre? Like picking a favourite child. (Old Punk/Alternative 80s)

After 10 years I am still inspired by the love of music and the desire to be better and grow as a team that is instilled at Believe


Clarissa CARDOZ

Editorial & Marketing Partnerships Manager, India

If you were a song?

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

 If you were an instrument?

A violin

What is your favorite music genre?


Believe never fails to give you opportunities to learn, grow & evolve.



Product Manager

If you were a song?

Selah M – Roi Du Congo (distributed by TuneCore!)

If you were an instrument?

A saxophone

What is your favorite music genre?

Rap and 80’s new wave

Working at Believe is a combination of skills and passion. It’s being able to follow a musical product’s life cycle, and consume it yourself with pride



Customer Reporting Specialist

If you were a song?

Fire in my heart – Escape From New York

If you were an instrument?

A saxophone

What is your favorite music genre?

Electro – House

Working at Believe offers a lot of career opportunities, a safe space where people can be heard, feel respected and inspired

Eva Altamirano


Customer Care Leader

If you were a song?

Don’t stop me now – Queen

If you were an instrument?


What is your favorite music genre?

70’s Rock and Latin pop

I love supporting independent artists from all over the world and helping them succeed in their music careers.

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