Believe Campus is our own exclusive internal community of students created by and for our students!  Stay tuned for what comes next as our community is expanding and in the future you will set the tone with us! 

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Find your own path

Student recruitment process



In a few clicks, send us your contact details (phone number, email…), your resume or LinkedIn profile, and set the tone for the next step! 



Screenings & Interviews

Our Recruiters will carefully assess your application and will reach out to you to proceed to the next two interviews (Recruiters + Hiring Manager). 

If your skills don’t match with our expectations for the job, we will inform you by email.  

Let’s keep in touch! We post new openings on a regular basis! 




Your recruitment journey is about to end. There are 2 possible outcomes: 

  • We would like you to join Believe’s journey- a recruiter will contact you to invite you to be part of it ! We hope that our decision is also yours! 
  • We might not respond in favor of your application, in which case, the recruiter will provide you with a constructive feedback. The good news is that it might work out for a future position, so let’s keep in touch! 


Believe Campus

Believe Campus
Believe Campus_2
  • A personal onboarding by our fellow campus believers themselves 
  • Frequent informal get-togethers (lunch/ coffee breaks, after-works…) 
  • Meetings to share your job, experiences and tips 
  • Workshops facilitated by believers to share your expertise 
Set the tone

Career development at Believe


By joining Believe, you will benefit from internal training and support that will allow you to gain experience in a dynamic and growing sector.

Whether you are an intern or a trainee, and regardless of your first position, you will have multiple opportunities for career development within the company, as it was the case for Lucile, now Global Internal Communications Specialist.

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