Shaping Music for Good

At Believe, our commitment to shaping music for good is at the heart of our business model.

We strive to shape the music industry for good by building trusting relationships with artists and partners, investing in the growth and talent development of our local markets, and empowering our community to have a positive impact on society.

We work to achieve progress on our core priorities: gender equity, diversity, equity & inclusion, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness for our employees, artists, and industry partners.

Developing diverse and local talent in local markets first

+ than 50 markets with our local talents

With a presence in more than 50 countries, diversity is part of our Believers’ daily lives.

Echoing its commitment to creative diversity, we firmly believe in the power of inclusion and diversity within our teams.

Cultivating talent for the Digital Music Era


A wide range of training programs are offered to all employees as soon as they join Believe, so that everyone can remain or become an expert in digital music. Believe Academy offers different training programs and content in various areas :

  • Sales and marketing, with programs tailored to each employee’s level of development, as well as video modules on the offers and solutions sold by Believe.
  • Professional training, modules created by dedicated teams. Depending on the needs expressed by employees and managers, tailor-made courses and content are offered to everyone.
  • Development of skills, in particular in management. A program for all managers, including coaching, e-learning and regular training courses on key management practices, was rolled out. To complete this offer, Believe has put in place co-development, coaching and mentoring actions to strengthen knowledge sharing.
  • Self-learning training via the Coursera platform: the world leading online platform that allows access individual courses from executive MBAs and technical training.

Building trusting relationships through respect, expertise, fairness & transparency

In our mission towards Shaping Music for Good, we are supported by a community of ambassadors, the Shapers for Good.

It is an employee volunteering initiative to give all Believers the opportunity to participate in various Shaping Music for Good activities, by dedicating their time and skills.

Ambassadors, also known as Shapers, develop action plans, educate teammates, support the implementation of programs and inspire actions within the organization on causes and issues that align with Shaping Music For Good priorities.

Our 4 priorities Shaping Music For Good



Alexandra AMANA

CSR Performance Manager

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