The Job

Accounts Receivable:

·       Ensuring proper accounting of receipts in Accounting Software

·       Ensuring raising invoices for business on timely basis

·       Ensure that revenues are accounted properly

·       Prepare revenue accrual working

·       Prepare Ageing statements and other reports as and when required

·       Reconciliation & Accounting of TDS Receivable

·       Reconciliation of TDS Receivable with 26 AS

·       Obtaining Balance Confirmation from Customers

·       Preparing and submitting statements for statutory compliance

·       Assisting and coordinating during External & Internal Audit


Cash Management:

·       Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement, BRS Prepared and submitted in time

·       Circulate unaccounted Credits & Debits to the respective teams for accounting

·       Submit Reports as and when required by the management and auditors.

·       Foreign currency transaction clearance from bank.

·       Maintaining effective communication with the Bank.

·       Timeliness in recording the transactions


General Ledger:

·       Prepare & Record the Journal Vouchers

·       Pass adjustment entries for rectification, reallocation, and adjustments

·       Review accounting entries passed by accounts assistants

·       Scrutinize General Ledger


Accounts Payable:

·       Recording & Reviewing Invoice Transactions for Proper Cost Centre Allocation

·       Recording & Reviewing Credit Memo, Debit Memo Transactions

·       Verify & Ensure documentation before making the Payment

·       Prepare & Maintain Payment Schedules

·       Maintain and update the prepaid schedule

·       Record & Update the Advance to Vendors schedules

·       Follow ups for Settling the Advance, Submitting invoice, Debit memo & Credit Memos

·       Prepare and circulate letters or statements to banks & Vendors

·       Submit ageing report and prepare reports as and when required by the Management, Auditor & Other  Stakeholders

·       Ensure Statutory Deductions are appropriately accounted

·       Obtaining Balance Confirmation from Vendors


Experience:  4 – 5 years of working experience

Qualification: BCOM /MCOM

Additional Information

Mandatory Skills:

·       Require hands on experience in the areas of Accounting, Direct and Indirect tax

·       Must have an eye for detail and should possess strong Strategic and analytical skills

·       Ability to work in a dynamic environment and lack of well-defined procedures/changing work mix

·       The role would involve performing tasks and meeting deadlines and strive to continuously improve the quality. The candidate must be extremely hands on and focused towards on time delivery with accuracy.

·       Good communication and people skill . Ability to independently communicate with seniors in the business


Desired Skills:

·       Demonstrates a positive attitude while focusing on completing tasks or goals

·       A forward-thinking person with strong communication, analytical & organizational skills

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