The Job

Autonomous management of the files of an evolving portfolio of companies of various forms, mainly outside France and on all continents. The group is growing strongly, either organically or through acquisitions, and is implementing a dynamic policy of optimising its legal structures (around fifty to date).

Privileged interlocutor with the other departments of the group (central and local, in particular DCF and HR), the Group’s management (Executive Committee, regional bosses) and subsidiaries (GM/GMO).  Supervision of external stakeholders (lawyers, auditors, etc.).

Responsible for drafting all legal documents related to corporate law, monitoring compliance with operational schedules, and legal deadlines.

Main missions

The main mission of the position is to transform the way in which the life operations of the companies of the Believe subsidiaries are managed towards processes that are more scalable, more efficient, more sophisticated and more anticipatory of the Group’s evolutions.

In more detail, the missions are structured around the following elements:

  • responsible for the legal life of companies and their bodies (Boards of Directors, General Meetings, amendments to the articles of association, corporate mandates, delegations, etc.),
  • management of exceptional transactions (capital transactions, restructurings, mergers and contributions, liquidations, etc.),
  • Identification and resolution of legal issues relating to corporate law, employee profit-sharing plans, intra-group agreements, governance, or other cross-functional group projects,
  • Development and implementation of the group’s policies by adapting them to the local regulations of the subsidiaries,
  • Selection and implementation of a system of software to monitor legal life and their proceedings.
  • Implementation of KPIs to monitor activity.
  • Development and implementation of innovative management solutions, and improvement of existing processes.
  • Supervision of the integration of acquired/created companies.
  • Management of a lawyer.


  • 7 to 10 years of experience, if possible in a fast-growing environment with legal entities on all continents.
  • Great autonomy and expertise (senior level)
  • Ability to manage complex/high-stakes cases, identifying key issues
  • Ability to work in project mode in the context of the implementation of computerized systems and processes
  • Ability to identify the needs and challenges of different internal clients, of very different nationalities
  • Fluent level of English, both spoken and written

Additional Information


We have two hearts at Believe – our People and our Artists. 

We believe in THE POWER OF OUR PEOPLE, who grow every day to develop their potential… We aim to provide our Believers with the best environment to thrive. 



•Tailor-made training and coaching program 

•Remote working policy

•A wellness program « Pauses » with many activities and animations in-house

•Access to Eutelmed, a digital mental health and well-being platform that allows you to speak with an experienced psychologist

•A healthy and eco-responsible company restaurant

•Individual or family health insurance

•CE benefits

•A rooftop

•A gym with free classes



•Ambassador program: an employee volunteering initiative dedicated to all Believers interested in having a positive impact on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), wellbeing and the planet.

•Implementation of the sustainable mobility package “Forfait mobilité durable” => Reimbursement of up to 600€ for public transport/low carbon footprint

•5 calendar days 2nd parent leave with 100% pay (in addition to the legal paternity or adoption leave)

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