The Job

Local Customer Support is the major point of contract for our Customers. You will use our ticketing tool (Zendesk) to handle a daily number of request and achieve mission by providing timely, qualitative and innovative answers with care and transparency, using a high level of communication skills. You will also have to contribute to team effort to maintain high customer satisfaction and excellent standards service.


Job Duties:

1.      Ensure a good quality of answers to our Customers regarding various subjects such as Content delivery, Payments and Reporting.

2.      Make sure to give efficient solutions and answers in a minimal delay

3.      Contribute to create/translate resources in our knowledge base to improve the autonomy of our clients

4.      Training & Onboarding for Artists and Labels on our tools


1.      Good communication skills with Care, Respect, Empathy

2.      Good e-mail writing skill for communication with external stores.

3.      Problem solving mindset

4.      Product knowledge

5.      Attention to detail

6.      Passionate about technology

7.      Fluent in English/Chinese

Additional Information

believe s’engage à garantir l’égalité des chances en matière d’emploi, sans tenir compte de l’origine, du sexe, des mœurs, de l’orientation sexuelle, du genre, de l’âge, de la situation de famille, de l’état de grossesse, d’une prétendue race, des opinions politiques, des activités syndicales, des convictions religieuses, de l’apparence physique, du nom de famille, du lieu de résidence, de l’état de santé, ou en situation de handicap. 

Discover our Family

Believe is above all a passion for music, tech, and digital marketing, shared by over 1,500 talented people in more than 50 countries. It is a visionary and entrepreneurial spirit that drives us and makes us a world leader in the digital distribution of music.

Believe is a tribe of experts who successfully meet the challenges of the transformation of our music industry every day. It’s an adventure, a human adventure, and one that is propitious and stimulating for all of us.

Finally, Believe is a story that began in 2005 and that we must continue to narrate, now, and with you. Believe’s mission is to develop labels and artists in the most suitable way, at each stage of their career and development. In all local markets around the world. With respect, expertise, fairness and transparency. 

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