Managing Director ( Shanghai/ Beijing – China)

The Job

1 – Build, deploy and execute believe’s Greater China strategy on services for Labels and Artists

·       Deliver P&L across all business lines in Greater China

·       Identify, qualify and develop long term growth opportunity, and execute strategic plan across all lines of business with a view to reach market leadership in Greater China.

·       Accelerate organic growth by building a deep understanding of the market of distribution and artists services and in-depth knowledge of key market segments (by geography, market segments, type of clients – artists, labels, catalogue owners…).

·       Define, position and adapt believe’s service offering, USP and pricing to create a long-term differentiation in each market segment

·       Define, position and adapt believe’s Customer Growth strategy leveraging Editorial Marketing Partnership, Video Services, Customer Support and education, financing services, data analytics, digital marketing and social services, media buy, royalty management…

·       Leverage Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to monitor financial performances and constantly adjust strategy, mission, OKRs & KPIs of the believe services organization accordingly.

·       Articulate and make clear strategic recommendations/directions to Believe’s APAC MD and Key central stakeholders.

2 – Organization & Management of Sales and Marketing team

·       Organize, lead and manage the business development, customer success team and GMO

o   Guide and support in organizational design, workflow processing and HR of local front line organizations (hiring, positioning, assessment, development and termination) to region heads and business lines leaders.

o   Define with the GMO the workflows between local organization and central functions (operations, finance, legal…).

o   Organize, lead and manage the business development and customer success support functions (sales ops, communication…)

o   Support local business development team on top clients negotiations and renewal

·       Manage Regional heads, Head of LAS and Heads of AS.

o   Constantly, clearly and simply set timed objectives and KPIs to each regional and business organizations and set incentive plan

o   Develop actions to establish the right mindset with every local heads, Heads of LAS and Heads of AS and align all local teams behind believe’s values and strategy.

o   Develop actions to ensure that each local team member has a good understanding of believe’s business & key economic factors

o   Constantly hire, assess and develop local Heads of LAS and Heads of AS to ensure optimal performance

o   Develop actions to focus local teams on gender equality issues

·       Coordinate with GMO to drive constant HR, retail,  operations, product, finance and legal adaptability and improvements.

3 – Exercise vision and leadership in building senior sales and marketing relationships in the industry

·       Build direct industry relationships with senior clients, partners (DSP, collecting societies…), competitors, and local industry bodies and institutions

·       Develop the marketing, branding and communication strategy of the believe distribution services, including coordination of the presence of believe distribution services at all key events

·       Identify external growth opportunities across the region

Develop direct relationships with key specialized journalists covering distribution services in music


–        The MD must have developed very senior relationships in the music eco-system to drive business opportunities (artist and label signings, media opportunities…) placing the Believe values at the core of those relationships.


–        The MD must be a strong team player to become a true business partner to the MDO and develop together a strategic vision of the market across all three business lines and align execution to strategy.


–        The MD must be excellent at hiring and at developing his/her direct reports and team: the head of artist & label distribution and the head of artist services.


–        The MD must be highly engaged with a strong customer (artist & label driven) mindset.

Additional Information

Believe is committed to ensuring equal opportunities in employment, regardless of origin, sex, morals, sexual orientation, gender, age, family status, pregnancy, political opinions, trade union activities, religious beliefs, physical appearance, family name, place of residence, state of health, or disability. 

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